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To learn a language, like Spanish, is not only to study its grammar, its vocabulary, its expressions, but it is also to integrate in the place, with its people, to access its culture, to taste its gastronomy and, above all, to enjoy the moment.

Spanish courses in Valencia

Activities for all

All our activities are open to all types of public, not just our students. Therefore, you can also participate with us and enjoy each of the activities we organize, whether you are Spanish or foreign, whether you live in Valencia or are just passing through the city.

We want culture to be at your disposal and we want you to be able to enjoy each event.

Join us and don’t miss this opportunity we offer you.

Our aim

Have fun and taste Spanish

Degusta el Español offers you to enter into that cultural and gastronomic environment that will lead you to delight, because we want you to get to know Valencia, specifically, and Spain, in general.

To this aim, we organise all kinds of events: wine and beer tastings, ham, cheese and oil tastings, we take you cooking and tasting a Valencian paella; but we do not only focus on the gastronomic part, we also take you on a tour of the city, showing you the historical, the maritime and the modern city.

Our space

In this space, we also organize events so you can advance more quickly in your learning of Spanish culture, you can relate to people, Spanish-speaking and other nationalities, who share your same interest, get to know the Spanish language and enjoy speaking it.

Everything you have read and much more awaits you and, at a reduced price, if you sign up for our courses, as a student you will have the possibility of making a gastronomic and cultural immersion, learning Spanish from the reality of the customs of the people who shape the country, seeing first hand their way of expressing themselves, of acting, of being and of living.

Spanish courses in Valencia