Eventos gastronómicos en Valencia

The gastronomic events you will find on this page are open to everyone, without the need to take a course at the academy.

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Gastronomy is part of our essence, of our way of being and living.

Spain is a very rich country at this level. Every autonomous Community, every province, every city and almost every town has its own characteristic dish. If you don’t know our gastronomy, you don’t know this country.

Sitting at the table and tasting a good meal, with family or friends, characterizes us as a nation, knowing how to appreciate the different flavors of each region, its products, makes us great, because we enjoy a great diversity and no area of
Spain is lagging behind, each one with its own peculiarity makes our gastronomy one of the richest and most important in the world today and we continue to grow.

“Degusta el Español” offers you, besides the courses in which we introduce gastronomic terminology, to learn Spanish in a different way thanks to the multitude of gastronomic events that we organize during your learning.

Our aim is for you to commit and enjoy the learning process, and to achieve this it is important to offer you a motivation, and what better motivation than the one that starts from a playful part? Therefore, we give you the opportunity to connect with an essential aspect of our culture, the gastronomy, with the intention that your interest remains high and you want to continue learning Spanish with desire and curiosity.

Get to know and taste Iberian Ham

The great protagonist of Spanish gastronomy!

We want you to get to know the star product of Spanish gastronomy. And we do so by the hand of great professionals, master cutters of ham, who will bring us closer to the world of Iberian ham with their explanations and subsequent tasting of the product.

We will learn about the different designations of origin and how good animal nutrition influences the quality of the final product.
We will learn to read the labels that are placed on the pieces and how certain elements, which we can appreciate through the senses of touch and sight, give us the key to the quality of ham and, of course, give us more security at the time of purchase.
We will get to know the different parts of the ham and we will be able to appreciate its flavour, delighting our palate thanks to the wise cutting of the ham by the master cutter.

Taste the Iberian Ham - Gastronomic events
Cheese tasting and sampling

Cheese tasting

The artisan cheese: interesting, peculiar and exquisite!

We want you to enjoy a gastronomic event for cheese lovers, for those who are passionate about gastronomy and want to understand why this delicious product is better when it is handmade.

We will enter the world of cheese with the tasting of a selection prepared by experts from the world of cheese. We will learn to taste cheeses in a relaxed way in a family atmosphere, to know the characteristics that make them special and the descriptions of the designations that regulate them. They will illustrate and provide us with details of artisan cheese factories and tell us about the people involved in the production process of this great gastronomic product.

Wine tasting

Passion for wine to delight the senses!

We want you to delight your palate with an enogastronomic event whose purpose is to make known the different and varied wines that are produced in Spain. Thanks to the wide and solid introduction to the universe of wine that the invited oenologists-summiters will offer us, we will have the possibility to know and learn the characteristics of the place where the grapes come from and the peculiar methods of wine making that make it special and different.

We will taste different wines from different wineries and different areas or propose thematic, fun and interesting challenges, such as tasting the same variety but grown in different areas of Spain so that you understand the importance of the geographical characteristics of a territory or tasting wines from the same winery and variety but from different vintages, to find out how much the atmospheric agents influence the final product.

Wine tasting in Valencia
Craft beer - Gastronomic events

Beer tasting

Delight yourself with a thousand-year-old drink!

We want you to be delighted with this amber-coloured elixir, which has a millenary origin and is part of our culture. Yes, we are talking about beer, that drink with which we enjoy moments of fun, of tranquillity, that evokes the holidays, the sun, the moment of laughter with friends, of so many things, and that is the protagonist of the event that we propose to you.

We offer you to go to an artisan brewery company, to know the peculiarities and properties of this drink, to know which is the elaboration method, the reason of its texture and its flavour.
The producers themselves will tell us all the secrets and let us taste their handcrafted creation in all its varieties.
All of this so you can get to know this product that is so close to you, its different types, the reason for its different colours and flavours, all so you can enjoy the culture of this country.