Language trips

What is it?

Language tourism, language immersion

Language tourism is the best way to get to know a country’s language.
A language is not only knowing its vocabulary and grammar, it goes much further, it is knowing a culture, its history, its evolution, its people, its gastronomy, in short, everything that involves a form of expression, which determines the idiosyncrasy of that language.

Language tourism in Spain - Spanish School "Degusta el Español"

Our objective

Our aim with language travel is to provide you with an experience that is hard to forget, to turn your passion for the Spanish language and culture into pure enjoyment and to make you reach a level of commitment to your learning goal that is impossible to abandon.

The aim of language tourism in Spain is that you make a total immersion in the Spanish language through a tour of its cities, its villages, knowing its gastronomy, its customs, the beauty of its landscapes, knowing its legends and giving you the opportunity to relate to the people of the place to be able to practice the language in each area we visit.

You will also have a teacher available throughout the trip so we can answer your questions, in addition to the daily classes you will have access to.

* Recommended for students who have a basic knowledge of Spanish (level B1)

Our trips

A total immersion in Spanish culture.

Our language tourism section offers, to all those who feel passionate about the Spanish language and want to learn it, a tour of Spain, to be able to enter its history, its villages, to enjoy the typical gastronomy of each area, and, of course, to make a total immersion in the language, through the interaction with the inhabitants of each place and the Spanish teacher who will accompany them during the whole trip so they can solve their doubts about the language, can practice it directly with him and always feel the support of “Degusta el Español” in their effort to learn.

Dynamics of our trips

Our language tourism trips have their meeting point in a Spanish city with an airport, train or bus station that is easily accessible for anyone who wants to share this experience with us.

We organize a week of total immersion in the Spanish language and culture.

How do we do it? What do you have included?

Language tourism in Spain with Degusta el Español

Linguistic and cultural trips

Get passionate and make the most of your effort

Each trip will have its own peculiarities, we will offer you an experience that will provide you with an immersion in the Spanish culture. And with each of these language tourism experiences, we will take you into the towns, cities and natural areas so that you can get to know and touch and taste the Spanish culture through visits to the most important monuments, the wineries, the drying sheds, the cheese factories, the local shows, the factories of local products, among other places, so you can get to know, first hand, the gastronomy of the area, its raw materials, its traditions and its people. And, always, you will have the people in charge of “Degusta el español” to help you in what you need.