General Course

General Course - Study Spanish in Valencia


The general course of Degusta el Español is the best option for those who want to learn the language with a global dimension.

The students, regardless of their level, will obtain a detailed learning of grammar, vocabulary, writing techniques, oral comprehension, pronunciation and oral expression.

In the 3 hours of class per week, followed during two four-month periods, the different facets of the language will be practiced, corresponding to the level of the student, so that the learning effort turns into satisfaction at the end of the course.

To achieve the objective, our teachers use all the necessary resources, texts, short films, films, games, so that the class is a dynamic and fun learning space.

The general Spanish course follows the academic programme drawn up by the Cervantes Institute and takes into account the Common European Framework of Reference.

Duration of the course

2 four-month periods of 50 hours each 3 hours per week


Morning or afternoon. You can choose between: - Monday and Wednesday - Tuesday and Thursday - Friday 3-hour intensive

Number of students

Groups: 4-10

Learning materials

Learning materials are provided by the school, except for reading books.


The levels taught at the school range from A1 to C2 according to the Cervantes Institute programme


Registration on one of our courses costs 25 euros, except for former students.


Our classes are enjoyable and interactive, which allows us to achieve the learning objectives through different tasks and activities that are organised both inside and outside the academy.
The groups are small, with a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 10.

As a student you will find yourself in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and that will allow you to feel comfortable when speaking Spanish.
Our aim is that from the beginning to the end of the lesson, Spanish becomes your challenge, your commitment and your motivation.

We want you to achieve the necessary language skills to be able to function in a Spanish-speaking society. In order to achieve this, we teach you Spanish, taking into account all the language registers. We teach you grammar, vocabulary, expressions, sayings, we watch short films, films, we hold debates, we play games, we read texts, books, etc, all so you can have a good base of the language and, at the same time, have fun. Of course, adapting every activity to the level of Spanish you are in.