Online Course

Online Course - Study Spanish in Valencia


Degusta el Español’s online courses are the best option for those who cannot attend a face-to-face course. Given the circumstances in which we find ourselves at the moment, due to the coronavirus, these are the courses we recommend.

With Degusta el Español’s online courses you can choose your type of course: group, intensive or private. These virtual classes have the same quality as the face-to-face ones, the only difference being the medium through which they are carried out.

As in the classroom courses, the courses focus on providing the student with learning of the Spanish language in all its aspects: grammar, vocabulary, writing, oral and written comprehension, pronunciation and oral expression. We want there to be a real and effective communication and for that purpose we propose games, short films, films, texts, among other materials that in each class we share with our students.

Students who sign up for our virtual courses access a class as if they were sitting in front of the teacher in a classroom.

Duration of the course

Depending on the type of course chosen: general, intensive or private


Depending on the type of course chosen: general, intensive or private

Number of students

General and Intensive: 4-10 - Private: Maximum 3 students

Learning materials

The teaching material is provided by the school, except for reading books and material that the student wants to work on specifically.


The levels taught at the school range from A1 to C2 according to the Cervantes Institute programme


Registration on one of our courses costs 25 euros, except for former students.


Our online classes are taught through Zoom and are dynamic and fun lessons, allowing you to achieve your learning objectives.

The virtual classes of general Spanish are held during two four-month periods, and last 3 hours a week, either two days a week or on intensive Fridays.
The virtual lessons of intensive Spanish take place every day of the week, and last 4 hours a day, with a 25 minute break.

Both the general and intensive Spanish courses are carried out through Zoom, for which it is necessary for each student to download this application. An access link is provided for each lesson. Once the lesson is finished, the teacher sends the students a summary of the lesson given and, if necessary, the homework to record the lessons studied in class.

The private Spanish classes are carried out according to what has been agreed between the school and the student, adapting, as far as possible, to their availability. The medium through which they are given is Zoom, although, in the case of a single student, he or she can choose Skype, if preferred.

For each lesson an access link is sent for connection. Once the class is over, the teacher sends the student a summary of the lesson given and, if necessary, the homework to record the lessons studied in class.

Our aim is that from the beginning to the end of the lesson, Spanish becomes your challenge, your commitment and your motivation.
We want you to achieve the necessary language skills to be able to function in a Spanish-speaking society and within the field of study or professional for which you need to speak Spanish.

In order to achieve this, we teach you Spanish, taking into account all the language registers. We teach you grammar, vocabulary, expressions, sayings, we watch short films, films, we hold debates, we play games, we read texts, books, etc, all so you can have a good base of the language and, at the same time, have fun.