Private Course

Private Course - Study Spanish in Valencia


Degusta el Español’s private course is the best option for those with special needs, as the classes are tailor-made, regardless of the student’s level.

These classes are aiming at students who need to learn specific things, prepare for an exam, have to focus their learning on professional issues, have schedules that do not allow them to attend group classes, or simply want individual classes in order to have greater interaction with the teacher, go deeper into the language, resolve doubts and make faster progress in learning the language.

In these private courses it is you, as a student, who chooses the number of hours and what you need to learn or what you want to deepen.

You will be in a relaxed atmosphere with your teacher, who will provide you with the materials to practice all the language skills and make the classes attractive, interesting and enjoyable.

Duration of the course

8 hour packages


According to the student's needs

Number of students

Maximum 3 students

Learning materials

Learning materials are provided by the school, except for reading books.


The levels taught at the school range from A1 to C2 according to the Cervantes Institute programme


Registration on one of our courses costs 25 euros, except for former students.


Our classes are fun and dynamic, which allows us to achieve the learning objectives through different tasks and activities that are developed both inside and outside the academy.

Private course classes can have a maximum of 3 people, offering the student the opportunity to share the course with acquaintances, friends or family.

As a student, in a private course, you will find yourself in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and this will allow you to feel comfortable when speaking in Spanish and to practice it with the teacher directly, to solve your doubts, to go deeper into your interest and to advance more quickly in learning the language.

Our aim is that from the beginning to the end of the lesson, Spanish becomes your challenge, your commitment and your motivation.

We want you to achieve the necessary language skills to be able to function in a Spanish-speaking society and within the field of study or professional for which you need to speak Spanish. In order to achieve this, we teach you Spanish, taking into account all the language registers. We teach you grammar, vocabulary, expressions, sayings, we watch short films, films, we hold debates, we play games, we read texts, books, etc, all so you can have a good base of the language and, at the same time, have fun.

We adapt to your needs, so you can bring the books or materials you want to practice with so your learning is useful for your objectives.