Spanish courses

Our objective

Get passionate and get the most out of your effort

Our objective, with the Spanish courses that we offer you, is that your effort becomes something fun, so you can speak, understand, write and relate to Spanish-speaking people in the shortest time possible.

Spanish courses in Valencia

Teaching method

The lessons given in our Spanish courses have the clear objective of making you improve and master your communicative, auditory and written language skills.

To this end, we organize the classes with diverse and entertaining activities, always adapted to the level of knowledge of the language and the grammar taught in each lesson:

Our aim

Have fun and taste Spanish

The aim of the Spanish courses we offer you in our school is to make you feel that learning Spanish is something fun and interesting, so you can get to know the language and the Hispanic culture in all its aspects and commit to achieving your goal.

The classrooms and other spaces

To teach our Spanish courses in Valencia, Degusta el Español has soundproofed classrooms, to provide you with greater concentration and privacy, and a common area where you can have your moment of tranquillity and relaxation.

In this space, we also organize events so you can advance more quickly in your learning of Spanish culture, you can relate to people, Spanish-speaking and other nationalities, who share your same interest, get to know the Spanish language and enjoy speaking it.

In addition to the events we organise at the school, we also offer activities so you can get to know the city, its surroundings and its culture.

Spanish courses- Degusta el Español Academy