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Who are we?

The team is made up of people who come from different backgrounds and who want to offer you their knowledge to train you if your objective is to study the Spanish language. For this purpose we offer you group courses, which you can take throughout the year, intensive courses and also private courses, and all of them can be done in person or online, depending on your needs and preferences. In addition, because of our training, we offer you the possibility of studying Spanish from one of the following perspectives, although don’t hesitate to consult us if you have other needs:

  • The general one, aimed at those who want to learn Spanish for study, work or the pure pleasure of learning a language.
  • The legal one, aimed at those people who work in the Spanish legal field or want to study law in Spain or do the master’s degree in law for subsequent registration in a “Colegio de Abogados español”
  • TheGastronomic one, aimed at those who want to work in Spain in the gastronomy/hospitality sector or those interested in gastronomic culture at a leisure level, in order to obtain a good base of specialised Spanish with knowledge of this sector.

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María Jesús Reig Purón

Director of "Degusta el español"

I am passionate about teaching, I like to see the evolution of my students, to see their smile when they realise that they are learning, that it is possible to speak another language and to see their satisfaction when their objectives are realised.
My studies and my professional experience have taken me a long way, I can say of myself that I am a lawyer, mediator and coach, but it is my teaching facet that fills me with satisfaction and which, for some years now, I have developed with absolute dedication.
I started teaching more than fifteen years ago, combining it with my profession as a lawyer, but it was more than five years ago that I chose to dedicate my body and soul to this beautiful profession in different parts of Europe.

Maria Jesus - Degusta Español
Spanish courses- Degusta el Español Academy

During my years as a teacher, I realised that many of my students were studying Spanish to develop a job, to access studies in a Spanish-speaking country or to get to know the Spanish culture.

Some of them, due to my training as a lawyer, were law students or lawyers who wanted to work in Spain and needed to know the specific language of the profession and a certain basis of Spanish law in order to do it.

On the other hand, they were those who wanted to have an experience in a Spanish-speaking country or change their life.
And, finally, there were those who were lovers of gastronomy and culture and their interest in Spanish was based on knowing the language from the point of view of gastronomy and wanting to know how to move around the country to get to know all the culture surrounding this area.

And, based on this experience, I decided to set up the “Degusta el español” school, with general Spanish courses and courses focused on the specific needs of my students, in order to meet their requirements.

Thanks to my training, as a teacher and as a lawyer, to the collaboration of those who embarked with me on this project, who are good connoisseurs of the gastronomic world, with my interest and passion for everything related to this field, we were able to develop this project, which is directed:

  • To help those who are looking for work in any country where the official language is Spanish and want to learn, from the enjoyment, to speak Spanish.
  • To the one who loves cooking and everything that defines it.
  • For those who want to learn Spanish from a legal point of view, whether for study, work or simply for the pleasure of learning a language from a professional point of view.
  • To the one who wants to learn Spanish for the pure pleasure of learning another language.
Spanish courses in Valencia

A new proposal open to all

Study Spanish while travelling

Travelling and learning

Furthermore, in my continuous search for options that are attractive to students and serve their education, my school has created a new formula: language tourism, since “Degusta el español” is also a travel agency.

One of my great passions, which gives meaning to my life, is travelling and getting to know the different cultures that surround us. I like to get to know them from the inside, feeling part of the place where I am, knowing their customs, their history, tasting their gastronomy and talking to the locals.

In my life, this passion has served me to learn languages, since expressing myself in the language of the country in which I find myself, makes me feel integrated and gives me great satisfaction. For this reason I have decided to give this opportunity through “Degusta el español”.

We want those whose passion is travelling and who are learning Spanish to be able to immerse themselves in the language, the culture of this country, Spain, and its gastronomy. We want our students to feel the language, to practice it, to get involved and to draw on all their resources to understand the people they meet and to talk to them.

Because with this modality our students have the possibility of combining learning with enjoyment. We give them the opportunity to practice the language they are learning and to have a teacher, who accompanies them throughout the trip, solves doubts, explains and gives them the possibility of gaining confidence, strengthening their knowledge and advancing in the language.
* Recommended for students who have a basic knowledge of Spanish (level B1)