Why “Degusta el Español”

Our name

To taste and perceive with delight pleasant sensations is the definition of ‘degustar’. What is more pleasant than feeling that our objective is fulfilled?
My aim is that you, as a student, learn Spanish and I know, from pure personal experience, that being able to communicate in a language that is not your own produces a great sense of pleasure.

In addition, my school not only offers you Spanish courses, we also offer you activities and trips to activate all your senses, so you can enjoy and perceive the Spanish language from another point of view, which goes beyond the purely academic, which will make you feel the enchantment of learning a new language and the culture that surrounds it.


During my years as a teacher, I realized that learning requires enjoyment, fun and, of course, commitment to what you are studying.

Each person, each student, has his or her own interests that move them to start learning a language, such as work, studies or leisure.

Degusta el Español school wants every student to feel that their effort is rewarded.

What do we have for you?

From our commitment with your learning, "Degusta el Español" offers you to learn or improve the Spanish language from different areas, and currently we can offer you the following:

We specialise in teaching general Spanish, and to do it, we like to create our own material, in order to make the classes more dynamic and to adapt to the tastes and needs of the students.

In addition, the professional background of the team that consists of Degusta el Español, leads us to offer you the possibility of learning Spanish from two specific jargons: gastronomic and legal. For these matters, the classes introduce the vocabulary of each area, with materials related to them and with explanations of the uses and customs that surround them.

Spanish courses in Valencia
Language tourism in Spain - Spanish School "Degusta el Español"

In our desire to make learning a pleasure, we have introduced language tourism, so through a trip to different areas of Spain, students can make a total immersion in the Spanish language and culture, and at the same time, they can advance in the mastery of the language and solve all their doubts, since a teacher accompanies them in this adventure.

We want learning to be more than just studying and being in class, which is why we propose activities, open to all types of public, so that students can interact with Spaniards and, in this way, learn the usual way of speaking, the slang, and get introduced to the culture of the country whose language they are learning.

Spanish courses in Valencia

All because we want you to learn, to enjoy and to make the study of Spanish a pleasant and fun effort.